ARS Rescue Rooter (Orlando Florida) Review & Complaint

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200 Days since installation & ARS Rescue Rooter has not fixed the damages to our home!

A Home Depot recommended company called ARS Rescue Rooter is in my opinion breaking Florida law!  They have been operating without insurance and are insured through Home Depot who is self insured.  ARS Rescue Rooter has a money back guarantee and that’s worthless if they do thousands of dollars in damage to your home. 

It took a litigation lawyer to reveal this crazy loop hole that has left my Father a Vietnam and Cuban Missal Crisis Vet almost homeless!  Please spend a minute and see all that Home Depot and ARS Rescue Rooter has done to our family!

Currently both Volusia County Code Enforcement and a certified building inspector have flagged this HVAC installation and marked it as dangerous!

Article Summary: It’s now day 160 plus and neither Home Depot, their insurance or ARS Rescue Rooter have set right what should have been a simple heat pump installation!

 Home Depot certifies that ARS is reputable, insured and one of their preferred vendors. We were told by our attorney that ARS Rescue Rooter is not insured!

They do have a money back guarantee and are backed by Home Depot who has an insurance policy. However, ARS does not appear to be directly insured and that’s against the law!

We were refused insurance info by ARS and now Home Depot’s 3rd party insurance has my Father waiting around daily for them to show.  They have no called and no showed for 12 business days!!

It’s day 162 and still waiting for that inspection from Home Depot’s Insurance company.

*UPDATE:  Finally got Liberty Mutual (Home Depot’s Insurance) to inspect the faulty HVAC installation performed by ARS Rescue Rooter.  We question why at this point (160+ days) and why the inspector for Liberty Mutual is relying on ARS Rescue rooter and code they quoted?  This seems like a bad idea and we believe this installer made a serious mistake.  It’s a 60amp breaker not a 50amp.  He said if it was a 60 amp it would need a different gauge of wire.  I mistakenly said it was a 50 but he turned the breaker off (he didn’t check?) and fixed the wire by remounting it.  Why did he not realize the mistake and just fix/upgrade that wire?  We are seriously concerned still!

Also known as American Residential Services found on these sites:

ARS Rescue Rooter did to our home & still hasn't fixed it (now over 160 days)!

PICTURES: Here is a collection of images of ARS Rescue Rooters work.

New Unit left Unsealed
Most HVAC companies make this dog house cover onsite so critters don't get in.
Unit Is Leaking
Installers left the unit leaking heavily and very off level.
It's Hollow Underneath!
I can actually put an arm under this new slab they installed and I see light!
Trash Left Behind
They left a mess inside and outside.
Cigarette Butts Left Behind
I really hate cigarette butts and I counted 8 total.
Left The Access Panel Open
Two large openings in the building where animals can get under the home.
They barely connected the ducts!
They just used a zip tie and did not tape or fully close up the ducts in at least four places!
Contract Says Replace The Air Tubes!
ARS did not do what they bid and they claimed the job was done. Under contract these were to be replaced.
They Did Not Seal The Tubes!
ARS left all the connections under the building leaking air which causes condensation and mold.
Condensation Is Filling Up Inside The Building!
There is close to 20 gallons of water that is being collected and trapped inside the buildings insulation wrap.

***Below is a video collection showing ARS Rescue Rooter of Orlando Florida and the HVAC system they installed at our home in Port Orange.  Port Orange is just south of Daytona Beach along the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. 

It is now the morning of day 15 and no one from ARS has even stopped out to check this unit.  Even after all my complaints this company cares that little. 

Please take a minute and review the video below before you get blindly get involved with ARS.  If you have had a similar service or installation issue please share your story in the comments.

UPDATE:  It’s day 150 and we are approaching winter!  ARS was the worse choice we could have made.  If they haven’t fixed ours…

Has Home Depot Solicited ARS Rescue Rooter To You & Your Family?

ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando Horrible work and damage to our home On the afternoon of May 13th 2020, ARS Rescue Rooter of Orlando came to our home after we were solicited by a vendor who was inside the Port Orange Florida Home Depot.  We trust Home Depot since we do a lot of business with them.  In fact, we just remodeled our home using solely Home Depot Products.

We were promised the world by our salesman (Brian V.) who spent almost two hours here with us measuring and laying out the install he got rushed to tomorrow.  He claimed they were the largest HVAC service in Florida and could serve us much better than anyone else. 

Brian’s pitch was so good that we were completely sold and paid $8000 in full for a new Rheem 3.5, 14 SEER unit.  As part of the deal he would have the main supply and return lines fully replaced with new 14″ insulated tubing.

What do you mean you didn't get 3 estimates?

I know, we never do this.  Brian had printed materials and was slick!  Brian even pulled the old show them a $10,000 ticket and throw in a free upgrade.  Closed us with the “double military discount” and “senior citizen discount” saving us over $2000.  

It happened so quick and since he pushed for a next day install, we never had a chance to check them out.

What Did We Buy & What Were The Terms?

We bought a Rheem heat pump 3.5 ton 14 seer unit.  We have already involved Rheem in our dispute by filing with the BBB against them. 

Rheem assured us that the parts inside the unit have a 5 year warranty.

We were sold a 10 year warranty through ARS and we are definitely worried that guarantee is worthless!  So now we will be 5 years short of the warranty which sold us this unit.

Jose (our ARS salesman) also assured us that Rheem was the unit to choose since it had a steller reputation.  The truth is that there must have been some form of incentive for him to steer us that direction.

We were also assured (showed a flashy guarantee card) that said if we had any issues they would set it right or refund our money.  In fact ARS has a web article stating just that!

The above ARS Exceptional Service Guarantee says:

The small print says… 

“*If, for any reason, within one (1) year of the date of the original invoice, you are dissatisfied with our work in your home, we’ll make every effort to meet your expectations, or remove your equipment (if applicable) and cheerfully refund 100% of your money.”

Done right the first time, trusted technicians, great service claims onsite:


So where are we today 14 days after the install:

We are day 14 after the initial install where the ARS Techs left the unit poorly installed (very off level, leaking water, leaking air).  We have been trying for almost 2 weeks now to get them back here.  We have been stood up twice now and have yet to get the return call back from corporate or Orlando’s main ARS office, as promised.

Our BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaint:

Filed by :
Thomas Bowman
2280 La Flor Lane
Port Orange FL 32129

Filed against :
ARS of Orlando
3012 Mercy Dr # 3008
Orlando FL 32808-3139


Filed on : May 16 2020   –   Complaint Description:

ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando Horrible work and damage to our home 2 We were solicited at Home Depot and without getting several quotes we trusted our ARS sales rep. That was a mistake! This company is using low end subcontractors that barely speak English. Our sales rep assured us that our unit would be install by a licensed HVAC installer. I find it very hard to believe that either of the reps sent out were licensed. In fact, one did not speak any English and the main rep just broken English. During the sale we were promised several things one was 14 inch air lines. They tried to switch to a lesser line and we almost fired them before they got started. The sale rep spent almost 2 hours with us taking note which never made it to the install team. When they left they did not clean up inside or outside. They did not seal the unit to the building with a tin piece as stated. They did not close up the exterior access panel. They left cigarette butts and trash on the curb. They were not friendly and not happy with the miss communication between sales and installer. The overall experience was just bad. We would not do business with them again and will need to have their work inspected by a 3rd party. We will also need to check on the permits to see if they were actually pulled as this was a main sales feature. All in all we feel this company has serious internal issues and unhappy techs. Sales really misled us.

Your Desired Resolution:
Finish the job. We took a video and will be uploading it to the web. We really hate piss poor business and will not accept the service you have delivered.

Our Complaint after ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando stood us up:

Ben: Hello, thanks for contacting ARS Orlando. My name is Ben, may I have your name?
Ben: Are you there?
You: Hey Ben. As per our guarantee we want you to come out and remove the system you installed and put back our old system. Your team was supposed to be out here yesterday as per corporate orders.
You: address is 2280 la flor lane port orange fl 32129
Ben: Hi there! I apologize for the inconvenience. Someone from our office can help you with this. May I have your contact information (Phone number and email) for your reference?
You: We have documented in video our complaints and your no show and this request for your company to honor your removal policy.
Ben: I completely understand. May I have your phone number and email address to better assist you?
You: 729 498 1989
You: [email protected]
Ben: Thank you for the information. May I also have your name please?
You: (720) 498-1989
You: Thomas Bowman
Ben: Thanks, Thomas. I have forwarded your information to our office and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Is there anything else I can help you with?
You: Nope just needed to document this request.
Ben: I completely understand. Thank you for contacting ARS/ Rescue Rooter Orlando.
System: The chat session has ended.

A Third Party Inspection (Not ARS):

So we decided that it would be smart to call a local HVAC company and see what their thought were on this install.  We paid for a service call but having something from a 3rd party I think is worth it.  

We asked a bunch of questions and had the tech check the unit.  He commented on the missing dog house rear cover not being installed and how water was getting into the system & tubes.  We said to him we were told it is a custom piece and he laughed.  Apparently this is something they make on-site with great ease.

He also verified the unit was leaking and that it is very off level.  Inside the house where they made the connections was also poorly connected with just a zip tie.  

We also inquired about Rheem being one of the best and he also claimed that that was NOT true.

Finally Someone Calls Back!

It’s almost 5 pm Wednesday and it took 30 hours for ARS Orlando Escalations to call back! 

Late last week we spoke with Betsy (after our first round of complaints) about how bad a job this crew did.  We told her the building was left wide open.  We told her the unit was leaking air and water.  We told her the pad was set on red bricks and the unit was off level.

She assured my Father they would fix it all and set an appointment for Monday.  They never showed and late Monday night I started to look for corporate.  We spoke with Amanda who dumped us off on Betsy in Orlando. 

To our surprise, when we spoke with her today her excuse was rainy weather and waiting for that tin piece to be made.  We informed her again their were multiple issues and wanted (expected) someone out here already to at least evaluate the job. 

We sat around all day Tuesday too waiting for a manager, service tech or even Betsy. 

A Complete Failure Of All ARS Departments:

I don’t think ARS could do much worse.  This company has failed from the ground up.  Even their corporate office hasn’t followed up.  They just dumped us off on the local ARS company.  We just cannot believe that this install happened 14 days ago and no one has stopped out yet to address even sealing up the building.

An Offer By ARS To Set It Right:

Betsy offered me a deal and if I wouldn’t have read all their reviews I might have jumped at it.  She offered to remove the unit OR give us $1000 credit and an enhanced 5 year service plan.  The service plan included labor and materials but we kinda thought we already had a 10 year warranty. 

Wow, what a crappy place they have put us in.  Now we face having no system cause I’m kinda sure they won’t bring the working old one back.  We also face critters under the building and being days without heat or cooling.

Not to mention all the side damage they did to our home!

Plus, they replaced the air lines under the building, will they take those?  AHHHH! 

Decision Time: What Should We Do?

Should we take the deal so we don’t face all the Aggravation that we could potentially go through.  Both my Father and I are having a hard time letting them get away with this shit. 

If we paid them $8000 and they don’t show up, how can we rely on them for HVAC service especially from Orlando.

We both agree that these guys had little training and no one has been here to inspect their work.  The building was left wide open and trash left in all 4 areas they worked in.  

We really have a bad taste in our mouths.  We told her we will need to sleep on it, but I think ARS needs to go!  My Father (retired senior citizen and Vietnam Navy Vet) feels the same.  Even though ARS gave us the double veterans discount (clever Jose).

We should have taken the time to research ARS Orlando and the system we were going to buy/install.  This is a major home investment, with their reputation can we really take a chance with ARS Rescue Rooter?  

5am - I dreamed about ARS!

After a full day of blogging and reliving this hassle I actually dreamed about this too!  So aggravating.  

It’s early and coffee just won’t satisfy the disturbed feeling I have.  With more than 15 hours of my personal time invested in getting ARS to finish the job. 

Plus waiting around the house for two full days (no call, no show), my vote is they go!

Resources To Consider:

ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando Yelp Reviews:  There are 56 reviews here where people took the time to tell their story.  They have a 1.5 out of 5 stars and dozens of nightmare stories!

You will also find over 100 other reviews that have been suppressed and many of those are very negative.  Read those ARS reviews here.

ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando Reviews on Facebook:  You can also find 187 reviews on their Facebook page.  What is disturbing here is even though the majority seem very negative, they still have a 4 star rating.  If you scroll to the bottom of their reviews though some appear fake!  What I mean is if you look at the profiles they have only reviewed on e company and have a weak timeline.

ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando Reviews on Consumer Affairs:  You can also find 85+ verified reviews and ratings here.  They have a solid 1 star reputation on Consumer Affairs!  

BBB A+ ARS Rating Questioned:  Here is an article asking the very question I am.  How does ARS Rescue Rooter have so many complaints and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau?  This just shows how little consumers can trust the BBB.

Other Peoples Complaint On YouTube:  Here is a collection of video I found where ARS Rescue Rooter did about the same thing to other consumers.  Have a look at these video complaints on ARS Rescue Rooter.

Resources To NOT Consider:

BBB or the Better Business Bureau ARS Reviews:  This is the least trustworthy company I have ever been a member of.  I know first hand how the BBB suppresses complaints.  That is why I copy every complaint, so I have a copy.  

  • If you are going to use the BBB as a referral site then you need to physically read the reviews and not just rely on the letter rating.  Then you should look at Yelp and some of the reviews on page two of Google.

ARS Website Reviews:  I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t rely on this.  Let me point out they have 5 star reviews for things like “having catchy commercials”.  Plus these are the best of their Google Reviews.  You can read all of their Google Reviews here.

ARS Review about their commercials

Some Sneaky Lawyer Written Paperwork Not Mentioned In the ARS Guarantee!

ARS flashed us a money back guarantee if they could not make us happy.  Since they installed a new HVAC unit, left it wide open, leaking and no one from ARS came to even see what these unlicensed HVAC contractors did. 

Now I was told by ARS Corporate that Orlando ARS has just one master license and everyone else is just a worker.  In our opinion, the two men ARS sent out to our home in no way had any form of formal HVAC training.

ARS tried to get us to sign a document that clearly stated we would lose all out rights.  We flat out refused and would hire a lawyer first!  Below is a copy of the document ARS sent to us.




This RELEASE AND SETTLEMENT OF ALL CLAIMS (this “Agreement”) releases any and all claims or potential claims by Thomas Bowman (“Releasor(s)), their agents, representatives, insures, executors, administrators, heirs, assigns, successors in interests and all other with any type of relationship with Releasor who may believe they have an interest in this claim against American Residential Services of Florida, Inc. dba ARS/Rescue Rooter Orlando and any subsidiaries, parents entities, successors, assigns, officers, directors, employees, agents and affiliated entities thereof (collectively, the “Company”)


NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and agreements made between the parties to this Agreement, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows


  1. The Company agrees to issue a refund in the amount of $8000.00 related to the work ARS performed on May 14th, 2020 at 2280 LA FLOR LN (the “Premises“) under Invoice No. 307233.   ARSs parts and labor warranty for the work performed on the Premises prior to the date of this Release will no longer be valid.   
  2. Releasor herby releases, acquits and forever discharges the company from all actions causes of action, suits, debts, sums of money, accounts, covenants, contracts, agreements, arrangements, promises, obligations, warranties, guarantees, trespasses, torts, injuries, losses, damages, claims, demands, defenses, or other liability of relief of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, direct or indirect, foreseen or unforeseen, resulting or to result, whether in law or in Equality, whether presently asserted or not, whether in contract, statue or otherwise, which have accrued or which may accrue, including but not limited to, claims that were asserted or that could have been asserted up to this date relating to any services, materials, any act or omission related to services performed by the Company prior to the date of this Release at the premises. Such release is conditioned upon the Company’s Completion of the agreed upon conditions and work described in Paragraph 1 above.
  3. The parties acknowledge that this settlement is the compromise of a doubtful and disputed claim and that the consideration paid hereunder is not an admission of liability on the part of either party, by whom liability is expressly denied
  4. Releasors agree that they shall refrain from taking actions or making statements, written or oral, related to the work the Company performed under the above referenced Invoices, which disparage or defame the goodwill or reputation of Company, its products or services, and its directors, officers, executives, shareholders and employees. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Releasors shall not be prohibited from communicating the terms of this Agreement and associated matters with any government agency. This clause does not apply to any unrelated work or services the company performed at Releasorshome.   
  5. The Releasors, by signing this Agreement does herby acknowledge and warrant that they HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS AGREEMENT IN ITS ENTIRETY AND UNDERSTANDS IT TO BE A FULL AND FINAL RELEASE, WAIVER AND DISCHARGE OF THE CLAIMS DESCRIBED IN PARAGRAPH 2 ABOVE.  As well as under any other statues and/or common-law principles of similar effect

                                                                             Agreed and signed this ____ day of _____2020

                                                                         Releasor: ________________________

                                                                         Printed Name:______________________

This Legal Paperwork Only Serves ARS

If you are a consumer and you sign this type of form you will regret it!  This document serves us in no way and we already have a formal contract that is in breach.  We will not sign this and will drag ARS into a court of law for all to see and read about.

How dare you try to take away my American rights after flat out failing to do what you contracted to do.  We are now in the process of getting the 3 estimates we should have got in the first place.

Worse is the fact that I now have over 25 hours of my time into fixing this mess that ARS created.  We deserved better and so do you.  We will get 3 local quotes and Home Depot just lost $30,000 sales a year!

Discovered Excessive Moister, Water Damage & Mold!

On Monday June first 18 days after ARS Orlando did this poor install, we discovered water damage.  As part of our contract we were sold new HVAC air lines.  The current lines were 12″ and they were supposed to increase those to 14″.  The contractors ARS sent out did not replace the lines beyond what we could see without going under the building.  We discovered a lot of condensation, leaking air lines, trash and what appears to be water condensation trapped inside the building vapor barrier and insulation.  Mold is definitely a concern here.  

Start Of Litigation and Statutory Notice Letter

Today we are retaining an attorney after discovering all the damage under our home.  We are so lucky we did not just accept a refund and sign the form above.  What we discovered is that ARS will have to be served a document called a statutory Notice Letter.  That letter is the first step in suing them for the breach of contract and damage they did to our home.  So as of now I will be turning this over and I may have to end this blog article till after litigation is finished.  Thanks for listening!

Our Yelp Review For ARS Rescue Rooter:

DBPR ( Department Of Business Public Relations)

Finally someone who may be able to help.  So we were told to file with the DBPR and that is just what I did.  It took hours!!!  What a pain in the ass website that is.  Not really consumer friendly.  So here it is…

Online Complaint Summary

6/16/20, 10:13 AM Page 1 of 4 

Board: Construction Industry Licensing 

License Type: Certified Air Conditioning Contractor 

Complaint Number: 2020028328 

Incident Date: 05/14/2020 

Description: We had an HVAC system installed by ARS 

Rescue Rooter through Home Depot. They 

have created a very dangerous situation that 

we reported to Volusia County Code 

Enforcement. They have taken no action on 

this issue that could cost us our lives. The 

company broke a sewer pipe, installed the 

system wrong and used the wrong wiring. 

Please have a look at this mess and my 

videos of the mess here: orlando-florida/  


I am complaining in my capacity as a: Homeowner 


Electronic Signature: Yes


Category: Air Conditioning or Heating work at house

Complaint Type

Please select the category that best Poor workmanship by contractor

describes your basic complaint: 


Was your contract in writing? Yes 

What was your contract price? 8000 

What was your contract execution date? 05/13/2020 (mm/dd/yyyy) 

Work begin date: 05/14/2020 (mm/dd/yyyy) 

Work end date: 05/15/2020 (mm/dd/yyyy)

What was the total amount paid to the contractor? 8000

General Are there now unpaid bills owed to No

subcontractors or suppliers which the 

contractor should have paid? 

Have you filed a suit against a contractor? Yes 

6/16/20, 10:13 AM Page 2 of 4

Have you obtained a judgment? No 

Have any leins been filed? No

Did the contractor sign any statements to the No 

effect that all bills have been paid?

Have you fired the contractor? Yes

Has the job now been completed by you or a No

new contractor?

What is the actual or estimated cost to finish 15000+

the job if you hire another contractor?

Building Code Compliance 

Was a permit required for the work that was Yes

to be completed contractor?

If required, was a building permit obtained Yes

from the building department? 

Building Department: Volusia County 

Permit Number: unknown 

Date Issued: (mm/dd/yyyy) 

Who pulled the permit? ARS Rescue Rooter Orlando 

Was the permit obtained on time? No

Were any inspections missed or performed Yes 


Did the site pass final inspection by the No 

building department? 

If the site did not pass inspection, explain We are trying to get an inspection as the unit 

why: could catch fire due to the wrong wiring.

Was a Certificate of Occupancy Issued? No 


Has the contractor offered to make repairs? No

Has the contractor offered to make No 


Have you had any other licensed contractor, Yes

 architect or engineer inspect the work?

Work Site Address 

Address: 2280 La Flor Lane 

City: Port Orange 

State: Florida 

Zip: 32129


Attorney Name: James Washburn 

6/16/20, 10:13 AM Page 3 of 4

Address: 1000 Legion Place, Suite 1700 

County: Volusia 

City: Orlando 

State: Florida 

Zip: 32801 

Country: United States 

Phone: 7204981989 

Alternate Phone: 3866892508 

E-mail Address: [email protected] 


Witness Name: Gene Farmer

Address: 7512 Dr. Phillips Boulevard / Suite 50-805 

7512 Dr. Phillips Boulevard / Suite 50-805 

Orlando, Florida 32819

County: Orange 

City: Orlando 

State: Florida 

Zip: 32819 

Country: United States 

Phone: 7204981989 

E-mail Address: [email protected] 


License Type: Certified Air Conditioning Contractor 

License Number: EC13008558



Orlando, FL 



Phone Number: 407-848-1470 



First Name: Thomas 

Second Name: Alan 

Last Name: Bowman 

Address: 2280 la flor lane Port Orange, FL 32129 

Phone Number: 7204981989 

E-mail Address: [email protected] 

Volusia County Code Enforcement Flagged It!

Finally after my 3rd call I was able to convince Code Enforcement to come out.  To my shock is that fact that homeowners really can’t call code enforcement and force an inspection.  I was very pissed about this so I threatened to call the local media and I did! 

To add more to this crappy experience were all the things the Code enforcement Officer told me once he did come out!  Apparently these big companies can have one license and no one else certified in the business.  In fact, it’s happening all over Florida not just here!

Here is what I mean…  A company hires, rents or is the license holder (like ARS).  He can then hire unskilled help or poorly skilled help and send them to your home.  Several problems with this.

First, who wants to pay over $100 for a guy that doesn’t even have an apprentice license?  When I call an electrician I want the guy that took the test and passed it.  I don’t want a front man and who ever that dude decides to hire.

Second, there is article after article about contractors insurance companies dodging payment for claims when the mechanic is deemed retarded, unskilled or untrained.  That means that you really aren’t protected with a licensed contractor unless he is the one onsite!  

Worse your homeowners policy might not cover you either.  That means your heading to court or your eating the cost of a repair!

Third, Code Enforcement seems powerless to stop this.  Worse, you may not ever get someone out to protect your health and property.  This seems like a really stupid thing that Florida has done.  

Fourth, The larger companies that have lead generation (like ARS using Home Depot) will hire endless inexperienced people because it is simply more profitable.  Why hire a journeyman or license your people when you can pay half that salary to someone completely unqualified.  

There seems to be a serious accountability here in Florida and Volusia County.

Update: 9/15/2020 - Still haven't got anything resolved!

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2 Responses

  1. ARS is a joke. We had to have new AC unit ASAP. Good coon-talk, and paperwork. No follow-up. No return calls …. you name it, all “warranties/guarantees” were bologna/garbage! Would not refer them to our worst enemy.

  2. Thank Bonnie for commenting. It’s important that we the people voice up and tell our stories about this company. We are now more than 150 days into this nightmare and they still have yet to send someone out to even see the work that was done and not done. 150 days! We even hired a litigation lawyer and still have not got them to set this right. At this point ARS has dumped us off onto their insurance carrier and has not refunded or repaired any of the damage their reps did! Please consider telling your story in full here and maybe someday ARS corporate will set it right. If not perhaps this article will cost them a few referrals, jobs or bucks!

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