CarMax & My Car Buying Experience

Can You Trust CarMax?

In this post I will tell you my personal experience with CarMax in Daytona Beach Florida.  Here are things that I dealt with related to my CarMax purchase.

Ps. Have a look at this FTC (Federal Trade Commission) complaint where the US Government went after CarMax for fraud and misrepresenting themselves to consumers.

Complaint Against CarMax:

So a full year after my original Jeep purchase from CarMax I am still not made whole.  Even though they did take back that Jeep, I was force into a car I really didn’t want just to be able to get back to my life.  

This headache cost me an easy 40 hour week and it looks like every aspect of my business with CarMax could have been better.  I have now gone through a refinance and this whole mess I seem to have lost the warranty and GAP protections.  

Before you trust CarMax blindly consider that might be a mistake that costs you thousands.

See The Carfax (Prime Marketing Piece)

Carfax from CarMax Daytona Beach says the car is fine but its notAs a consumer I am shocked at just how bad the Carfax was and how CarMax used it to hook and real me in.  As a consumer I did not realize just how inaccurate Carfax’s are.

Do a quick internet search and you will see for yourself that Carfax are not very accurate at all.   Here is just one of the articles about Carfax’s by a North Carolina consumer reports website.  They flat out state that these reports are inaccurate and warn consumers to not be trick by this type of marketing.  Have a look at that article here.   

My CarMax experience has been a long one.  It has just hit one year since my original purchase.  Yes, after 4 months CarMax took back that jeep cause I was going to sue them.  Their mechanic flat out committed fraud by having me bring in the car so they could wash that mud away.  

I thought they were going to test drive it and actually run some tests.  However, the car was brought back to me like 30 minutes later and I was told that CarMax does not work on transmissions.  To my surprise the mud evidence was gone!

Mud?  Yes, Mud!  The car was in a flood of some sort and had a major mechanical event.  This Jeep had a new and different color differential and had signs of the transmission being completely removed and possible serviced.  The Carfax and mechanical records showed that there was no repair or service of this kind ever done.  

Was this a coverup?  Why did the mechanics at CarMax not report this themselves when they did their 125 point check?  Quora has an interesting article on the CarMax 125 point inspection you can see here.

Considering suing CarMax?  Here is an article that will help you start that process.  Note, you may not have to hire a lawyer.  In my case the simple threat of litigation was enough to get CarMax to take the vehicle back.

CarMax Passed It Off To Jeep:

After completely wasting my time, CarMax had me send the vehicle to Jeep.  I had horrible issues at Daytona Jeep (  I had to file a complaint there too.  To my surprise Jeep had CarMax as the client and was not interested in my thoughts.  

Worse than that was an encounter I had with a salesman at Dodge.  The encounter was so bad I got into a verbal fight with that salesman.  I sent a complaint to the owner and he never responded.  Here is a post just about that along with a video where that same salesman aggressively followed and terrorized another consumer.

Some basic research and you will see that Daytona Jeep has some seriously bad complaints and many are related to Jeep Cherokees and their customer service!  The Jeep Cherokee has serious problems with that models transmission and so they try to fix it by adjusting the computer.  

I read somewhere that this is not a solution and just about every 2014 to 2017 Jeep Cherokee is affected.   Here is an article that shows an active recall on Jeeps from 2014 to 2017.

Note:  This Jeep Cherokee transmission recall for 95,000 Jeep vehicles came out just weeks after CarMax took back the car.  Here is another article that states about the same but has a bunch of videos:

This was after Daytona Jeep and CarMax said the vehicle was fine and working as intended.  I guess CarMax and Daytona Jeep would rather lie than be fair to the consumer.  

Both of these companies will never be used again by my family, unless its to get a quote and dump this Nissan I got stuck with.

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