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Install new knob-locks, deadbolts or a door peep:

Daytona Beach Lock InstallerLooking to install some new locks in your home, rental or apartment unit?  I can purchase or pick up lock sets from the local Home Depot or Lowe’s.  I can get lock sets that are the same key for every common door or switch them up for separate units.   

I serve the greater Daytona Beach area including Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores and Ponce Inlet.  

Install a door jamb reinforcement kit:

Daytona Beach Door Frame Repair or reinforceLooking to stop a door from being forced open or kicked in?  There are several door kits available that can drastically increase the durability of most exterior solid doors.  The idea is to extend the jamb area with some form of metal plate that goes floor to ceiling or somewhere in-between.

To further beef up a door frame, increase the size of the screws in each of the door hinges.  Most exterior door still have the original 1″ screws in their hinges.  Removing and adding 3″ screws is a must!  Plus, they make several simpler plates that can be installed in half the time for half the cost.

Install security screen door:

Daytona Beach security screen door installer, repair and paintNeed a repair done to a metal screen security door or gate?  I can repair or even add additional locks to many security doors.  I can also install security doors and can build the needed frame support to connect your new security door kit.  I have even painted several of these units.  Several I removed from their openings and the rest where painted in place.  I stopped removing then because they were heavy and were more than just the door and frame.  Do you need the screen replaced on your security door.  I do that too!

I repair doors that have been damage due to force:

Looking for someone to fix a door that has been kicked in?  I can repair many damaged frames with plates made to repair and restore a better than before overall security.  

There are kits that cover the door knob area and in the worst cases the door would have to be replaced.  Every door repair depends on the materials the frame is set in and the materials directly around the exterior and interior of the frame or frame trim.

Free Home Security Video Tip: Use a pin lock!

Here is a video all about a simple and very cheap way to better secure a sliding glass door using a pin-lock or simple nail.  This type of opening is consider by many security experts and myself as a top home security risk.  Learn how to use a simple nail to secure this entrance better and more convenient than most locks and boards.

Call To Set Your Lock Installation Date & Time

I install new deadbolts, replace existing lock sets, install secondary lock devices and  door peekers too. 

I also encourage you to save me time by buying complete sets of the locks and deadbolts you want to install.  I offer installation only and can only purchase what I find at Home Depot. 

If you have a lot of locks and your project time is over 4 hours I will toss in 30 minutes of Home Depot fetch time.  I also work through Home Depot so you can pay for your materials directly via their Pro Services Department. 

Home Security Advice:

 1) (the first step is staying informed!)

Nextdoor is a social network that connects you to your neighbors.  The same way you keep connected to your friends and family on Facebook, Nextdoor keeps you connected with your neighbors.  Simply sign up at and they will send you a post card to verify your address.  Once you have done this you have access to somewhere between 30% and 50% of all your neighbors.  Nextdoor has a general news feed of what’s going on withing a few miles of your home.  If a neighbor is selling cookies or bets robbed, you will know about it.  If there is petty crime happening or suspicious activity, your neighbors are reporting it just like an active neighborhood watch.

2) Check & Fix The Most Common Home Security Mistakes:

  • Install deadbolts on all exterior doors and use them.
  • Install a door frame reinforcement kit to prevent door kick-in.  Check out StrikeMaster, strike plates, EZ Armor or Door Jamb Armor.
  • Install a door peep hole if you can’t see who’s knocking.
  • Add a secondary lock to your sliding glass door like a pin lock.
  • Upgrade your door knob and deadbolt locks to a better higher security lock kit.
  • Add a secondary lock to your windows like a pin lock.
  • Install 3M security film on door glass and windows to make glass almost unbreakable.  They even make a version that is zombie and sledge-hammer/bomb proof!
  • Don’t leave a garage door opener inside your vehicle.
  • Secure the emergency release on your garage door opener with a lock or zip tie.  It takes 6 seconds to break into most garages!
  • Know that the garage door that leads to your kitchen is also an exterior door and should have a deadbolt and be reinforced.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs cut back so there are no place that give cover to criminals.
  • Leave a locked car with no garage door opener in it in the driveway while your away.
  • Get a safe for valuables and then get a second safe as a diversion.  Hide the real safe good and the fake safe right out in the open.  Burglars aren’t looking to hang out, they are in a hurry.
  • Mark your valuables (UV, etching, microdots, microchips) and take photos of them.  Make sure your insurance covers you for theft.
  • If you have a security system make sure it’s been updated and that you can’t just disable it by cutting the phone line or smashing the unit before the siren goes off.
  • Don’t just put boxes from expensive stuff out next to your trash cans.  Cut them up and put them into a can.  Don’t advertise that new 4K TV system you just bought to the neighborhood.
  • Never leave notes or envelopes on your front door in plane site!
  • Don’t put your last name on your mailbox or home.
  • Check to make sure you don’t need a permit for your alarm system.
  • Add a panic alarm button to your security system, maybe a few and place them where you would flee to in the even of trouble.
  • Set up Smart911, a system that releases personal info to emergency  personnel.  Include medical, family detail, pets and more so emergency personnel don’t come in blind.  Know that calling 911 from your cell may not let Police know where you are.
  • Install exterior lighting like motion lights or landscape lighting.
  • Install a home security alarm system.
  • Install a home surveillance system like Ring.
  • Check your exterior door that open out for hinges that are exposed.  Make sure you can’t just pull the pin out and gain entry.
  • Install security bars on easily accessible windows.
  • Don’t leave ladders and tools outside your home.
  • Lock your car, shed and chain up anything that can be carried away.
  • Install a motion light inside your garage.
  • Make your home look like someone is there (home automation).  There are devices you can control with your cell phone or a timer that turn TV’s and lights on and off.
  • Don’t close your curtains, Police and neighbors can’t see in and that lends cover to a burglar.
  • Get a dog.
  • Install a security system sign on or near your mailbox & doors.
  • Lock down your WIFI and secure your social networks like Facebook so people can’t see your posts and personal info.
  • Know that most burglaries happen between 10 am and 5 pm not in the middle of the night!
  • Lock down any firearms in a firearm safe.  These are one of the top items burglars are looking for.
  • Never leave firearms in your car.
  • Shred important paperwork and set up Credit Karma to monitor your personal credit.
  • Don’t leave a spare key under a fake rock, planter or the door mat.  Install a key safe and make sure it can’t be accessed or taken off the wall.
  • Don’t announce your going on vacation over social media and don’t let newspapers and mail pile up.
  • Add a door brace to prevent the door from being opened at night even with a key.
  • Don’t ever order new keys online.  Taking a picture of your key and sending it anywhere is just stupid.
  • Install a security screen door.
  • Do a background check on all service related people that enter your home or use a company that is bonded and insured.
  • Set up WatchDog, a service that tracks and alerts you of sexual predators living or moving into the neighborhood.  They also alert you of drug recalls, vaccinations, food recalls and other safety information.  Here is a second link about the WatchDog Service.

Ever considered window security film?

Did you know that you can make glass less breakable?  Companies like 3m have product that can stop an intruder from getting in as quickly.  Many homes have glass sliding doors which offer almost no security from a home invasion.  There are steps you can take that will make glass more like brick and give you time to get away.

Here is a Pinterest collection of primary & secondary lock devices:

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