Internet Wire Running (Cable, Phone, Ethernet)

Need a mechanic to run internet Cat wires to hard wire your home?

Here is a video of me running Cat 7 wire under my family home.  I did this so I could have faster internet at the far side of the manufactured double wide.  I crawled under the home and ran a 100 foot wire which I got off of Amazon.  Have a look…

Project Overview:

Do you have internet issues in your Port Orange, Daytona Beach or Daytona Beach Shores home? We have found so many issues with Spectrum Internet formally known as Brighthouse that we decided to fix it ourselves.

The first thing I did was to get rid of cable! We went with Spectrum’s internet service and ditched their cable completely. The hardest part was our addiction to live news. We found it difficult at first to get live news through an internet only connection.

We did though and in getting newer TV’s (app based) or adding a Fire-stick to old TV’s, we solved the news issue. Search out IPTV for that info yourself. In this video I crawl under my families double wide and run a Cat 7 Ethernet wire I bought from Amazon.

We also got rid of all the crazy cable wiring that was everywhere. Over the years tech after tech just adapted to the mess. We ran a direct connection right to the Spectrum equipment.

We also hard wired an Amazon Fire-stick with a special adapter. Do you need a new cat 7 wire or cable wire re-run/eliminated? Hard wire a laptop on the far side of your home or in every room.

Need A Gopher?

Consult with me about your home TV and internet needs if you are in the Port Orange or Daytona Beach area.  I know the local choices are poor and you may be forced to use Spectrum, but you can limit your expenses.  We discovered that paying close to $220 after all the fees and device charges was not for us.  We do miss Spectrum News and that’s only available through Spectrum Cable.  So wish they would make an app and a cheap access to this local Orlando News service.

Call to schedule or get a guesstimation!

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