Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Fiat Bad Reviews

Watch the video below and tell me that these employees aren’t carrying firearms.  I believe this is assault on a minor and two adults! 

As a citizen that legally carried for years, I don’t like what I see here.  I am seriously concerned about the defensive posturing I see these men in.  I am seriously concerned and wonder what the hell is going on here at Daytona Dodge Chrysler, Jeep Ram Fiat!  

Look how aggressive and the way they surround and press in on this guy, his wife and young child!

In this video a father appears to almost be attacked by a manager named Tim Rodewald and his associates inside the Dodge Dealership!  The customer is physically trying to get away from Tim (while protecting his child) and Tim just keeps pressing closer and closer.  

In a loud voice the customer keeps saying get away from me as he is almost fleeing from the Daytona Dodge Salesman.

Later in the video you see Tim’s body language and his hostel posture after he was asked yet again by the customer to get away from him.  Tim had taken up position on this guy and his defenseless family!

Even the manager was not doing his part and was really part of the problem.  Look at his posture and sour face!

I had a similar issue with this sales team and manager!  What do you think of all this?  Is this type of aggressive behavior appropriate for a business like Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Fiat?

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Here is my formal Daytona Dodge complaint!

Daytona Dodge Negative ReviewsI left a message with the owner of Daytona Dodge, his name is Randy Dye. Also this facility is NOT taking Corona Virus stuff seriously. No one here is wearing a mask.

I encourage you to take a minute and look at the complaints this company has. They have some serious complaints on Yelp and you really need to read some of the one’s Yelp blocks (150+). There is a link at the bottom of their Yelp profile to access these.

Honestly, if a client writes a book something really upset them and I see way too many complaints about the sales and service departments here. I also saw a video where a customer was very upset and had to video record the sales staff who was being aggressive towards him and his family (wife, kid). 

I am sure he was upset and even raised his voice. I understand, the people here are very rude, arrogant and unhelpful.

I just had a similar experience with this group and I just can’t let it go!

Today was my second visit to Daytona Dodge and again the service department (intake and secretary) are just poor at best. They even have a food area but no masks so do eat that stuff!

My issues started after I arrived and asked to speak with a service advisor about the same issue the car was in for 3 weeks ago (recall and transmission complaint). I spoke with the female secretary in service who had me stand and wait by the first office.

I waited about 10 minutes before I asked her to call a manager or another service advisor since that person was busy. I sat down and waited over 15 minutes for that manager or service rep to never show up.

I watched one of the intake guys get a snack while I waited. There was absolutely no customer traffic and no one to intake. How can you have 3 intake service advisors, a secretary, how many others and your unable to within 25 minutes deal with a single consumer.

I left but decided that I wasn’t happy with that result so I came back 15 minutes later. I decided I wanted to speak with the owner or the general manager. I really hate bad service and this is my second visit here.

On my first visit I felt that same girl wasn’t helpful and that day they were actually serving food without a masks. I parked on the sales side lot. I was greeted by two of your sales reps inside the sales lobby.

I asked for one of them to call a manager. In that instance they could have just called a manager rather than rolling their eyes or giving an attitude. I am sure they though here we go again and they were right another pissed off customer.

So I got an attitude rather than one of the two just signaling to one of the other 4 people standing nearby to call a manager.

One did call but only after the two sale guys and myself started to argue. So what really set it off. I asked for a manager and the tall sales guy pointed to the other side of the building and said to go ask them for the help. Like he didn’t want to be bothered. He then turned his back on me with a “now go F%$# off” attitude.

I quickly raised my voice as this was enraging!

I demanded (in front of 6 plus employees) that he not turn his back on me and he call a damn manager like I asked him too. He turned around and told me not to order him to do things and took a stance like he was going to attack me.

From there it just got worse as the attitudes flew. I did tell your guy to go f%$# himself to which he replied about 4 times mocking me with my own words “go f%$# yourself” several times.

A simple request to get a manager to two different employees here would rather brawl than call (or single 6 feet to the left for anyone of 4 other employees to call). I was insulted even farther when I was confronted by the stalky sales manager who came out after the fu’s started to fly. He did not see what was going on or even care to ask why I was so pissed off.

I am sure these guys are all boys and they collectively sack customer regularly. This manager should know better. When I finally left he did say he tried to help me (sarcastically) but that is far from the reality of things.

The customer isn’t always the bad guy and that sales rep was trying to piss me off. As I read the reviews it seems stuff like this confrontation happens way to frequently here. I was going to have my car towed out of here before I spent 20 minutes with the service manager.

Shame it took so much bs to get my questions answered. I encourage you the consumer and the owner (Randy Dye) to take a serious look at the complaints that are piled up including the suppressed ones. Why are consumers getting so pissed they write 2000 plus words about their experiences?

Why did some guy create a YouTube channel and share videos of your aggressive sales people? A better question is why is Dodge Jeep not Covid friendly? I just spent another hour in a place where people where unmasked and back to business as usual. You do realize Florida is at an all time high.

Having a few signs in the lobby is great but no one there was complying with any of it.

Have a look at my full review of this and CarMax a year later:

Have a look at all the negative Yelp complaints!

Are your yelp complaints being ignored or covered upI put mine at the top but if your complaint trumps mine I’ll give that spot up.  There are a bunch of complaints that didn’t make it to the front page of Daytona Dodge’s Yelp and I feel this 3 star rating is a bit off.  

If you factor in all the real complaints that did not make the Daytona Dodge Yelp account, I would say this place has a solid one star rating at best. 

Have a look at the 190+ Yelp reviews that were limited here.  I also should mention that there are other websites with complaints.  

On Pissed Consumer Daytona Dodge has a few too!  If you go to Facebook you will see a bunch more complaints and please take the time to review them.  

As for their overall rating, you know that is false.  How many of these positive reviews you think are paid for, fake, endorsed or just not really true?  

Consider that a company is only as good as it’s bad reviews and how they handled them.

Have a look at all the NOT RECOMMENDED negative Yelp complaints!

Yelp claims to be fair and yet here are a bunch of reviews that were edited out!  As you read these complaints do you think they are legit and should Daytona Dodge have addressed them?

Reaching out to the owner of Daytona Dodge:

The owner of Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Fiat is Randy Dye.  Randy’s Facebook page is here:

If you are as troubled as I am about the complaints and your own personal experience, reach out to Randy directly.  Perhaps a few dozen messages or comments will get this guy to do something about his employees!  

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