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luxury vinyl installation free estimates port orange floridaWe are a small company and would love your business.  Let us stop over and see your flooring project.  

We can offer suggestions, work around’s and even help with dozens of other projects around your home.  Have a look at our handyman services here.  

If you are flipping an apartment, commercial space or home, I have also helped many landlords, realtors and property maintenance companies get units ready for rent or sale (closing punch list).

Discovering the right flooring

Luxury Vinyl flooring Port Orange FloridaThere are many choices when it comes to residential home flooring and depending on your style of home, here are some installer suggestions.  If you live in Port Orange you most likely have a manufactured home or a one story home structure.   The flooring types for either home style are similar.  Let’s have a look at the most common types of flooring.

Carpet, Laminate, Vinyl or Tile?

Today’s home can have multiple types of flooring from carpet to a more cleanable and waterproof surface.  For me it’s all about the clean-ability of the surface we are talking about.  

Port Orange Florida Flooring InstallerI personally don’t like carpet.  I feel that it collects too much dirt and dust which a vacuum cannot collect.  So I lean towards luxury vinyl tile flooring as the go to solution for the Daytona Beach home owner.  

Not only is it waterproof but it can come with a lifetime warranty!  You wonder why not tile?  Tile is a heavier surface but for durability vinyl wins.  

Tile can crack and can discolor over the years.  The grout also can discolor and sometimes permanently.  Luxury vinyl can last for a lifetime and in many cases comes with a lifetime warranty!

Sub Floor Prep & Old Floor Removal

Port Orange & Daytona Beach Flooring ContractorWait!  Before you start to rip up that old floor, does it really need to come up?  To install most luxury vinyl you need a smooth and clean surface.  Why not prep the old floor (tile, old laminate) rather than rip it all up and have it hauled away.  

Ripping out old tile can be tedious and cause injuries like cuts from sharp tile.  If your old floor is heavily damaged than tearing it up is the way to go.  I some cases we install under-layment which is that really thin (1/8″)  plywood.  The ultimate goal here is creating a clean mostly perfect surface for your new Daytona Beach vinyl floor to be set on.

So what is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) Flooring? 

Got a Daytona Beach or Port Orange vinyl install job?  We install luxury vinyl tile flooring which is similar to wood laminate flooring in that it comes in planks or pieces.  Like wood laminates each piece has an interlocking edge that connects one piece to another.  

All you need is a level and smooth surface so you don’t have to pull up that tile or old wood laminate.  Even better is that many of the new vinyl tile flooring is completely waterproof and most comes with a lifetime warranty and guarantee.


*Comes with a 20 year to life warranty.

*Is used commercially in many high end store fronts.

*Easy to clean and can be scrubbed.

*Completely waterproof (beware brands that says water resistant).

*Can be purchased in over 700 colors and patterns.

*Can be cut & installed with low dust.

*No acclimation, flooring does not shrink or swell around temperature or humidity.


*Can be pricey for both install & materials (up to $9 sq/ft, total cost).

*Top brands are Armstrong, LifeProof and Shaw.  Cost per square foot can exceed $4 for the materials.

*Carpet hides dirt, vinyl repels dirt & shows dirt faster.

*Needs to be custom ordered or your stuck with the 5 choices at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

*Each box can be up to 35 lbs and is about 20 +/- square feet.

Where Do I Get Luxury Vinyl in Daytona Beach?

Luxury Vinyl flooring Port Orange FlYou can get Port Orange luxury tile flooring (vinyl plank) at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Both should have 5 to 6 colors of luxury vinyl tile in stock and then hundreds of options online. 

If you can wait a week or two you can really have access to hundreds of colors and styles.  Remember to add about 30% extra to your order so you don’t run short.  At home Depot I know you can return unused boxes even when custom ordered.  

Need an Installer or Free Estimate? 

Give us a call to set up your free onsite estimate.  We will measure and point out any concerns related to your Daytona Beach area luxury vinyl flooring install.  During that time feel free to ask any questions.  

We can help you place your flooring order so that the right style not just color is ordered. Remember to get the clickable style and not the glue edged tiles.  

Additional Notes:

Additional Notes about luxury vinyl installs and costs*There are extras costs like trim, thresholds & floor prep that is not included in the price seen at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

*Use an experienced contractor who can do the trim and edging correctly.  Small mistakes can really stand out.

*You may want to consider pulling baseboard rather than using quarter-round molding.  If so be ready to touch paint up on both the walls and trim.

*You can get a more permanent & cleanable floor especially in a kitchen or bathroom.

*Cost for the flooring materials is $2 to $4+ a square foot and $2 to $5 per square for install of flooring, trim, repairs and thresholds.

Here is a Pinterest collection of luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring!

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