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Thomas Bowman Handyman Videos Of Completed Work!

Florida doesn’t have a real handyman’s license (just a tax stamp) or any form of competency test to prove a persons skill sets.  I felt it important to take before and after video of a bunch of projects I have personally done.

See the full collection of over 100 videos here:

Project Overview

Daytona Beach Chain Link Fence RepairHere is a small chain link fence repair I did in Daytona Beach Florida.  This fence is very rusty and that happens from the well water and sprinklers here.  The rusting galvanized fencing really isn’t the issue.  Two of the line posts have broken or rusted through completely at their bases.  Most of the fence will be reused including the top rails and fence itself.  The gate will be reset and one other line post will be reinforced with stone or concrete.

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